This page is dedicated to our scholarship awards outside of the endowment work

Prior to the establishment of our 6 endowed scholarships the Seattle Les Dames chapter was actively engaged in awarding scholarships to deserving women throughout the region. Even subsequent to the endowments we've occasionally provided extraordinary women with funds to pursue their educational ambition.

This page provides more details on those lucky recipients.

Previous Recipients


  • Linda Jones, South Seattle Community College for the LDES/WFA scholarship



  • Kati Lundberg, Yakima Valley Community College: Katie Lundberg is Les Dames d’Escoffier - Seattle's most recent scholarship recipient. She's in her second quarter at Yakima Valley Community College and says she's never been as excited about her academic life, and so passionate about what she's studying. In fact, Katie is so inspired, that after graduation she plans to enroll in an undergraduate bachelor's program at Washington State University.


  • Adrienne Ketchum, Skagit Valley Community College
  • Amy Belnap, North Seattle Community College
  • Annrenee Wallace, Edmonds Community College
  • Alanna Prendivelle, Olympic College
  • Christine Reatz, Lake Washington Technical College
  • Ekaterina Zaitsera, Renton Technical College
  • Elise Tissot, South Seattle Community College
  • Heidi Engeset, South Seattle Community College
  • Laurie Balcom, Bellingham Technical College
  • Lynda Ziebell, Clark College
  • Melinda Paikai, Bates Technical College
  • Ellen King, Seattle Culinary Academy


  • Heather Morris, South Seattle Community College
  • Mary Erickson, WSU
  • Mary Squires, WSU
  • Tricia Hosea, South Seattle Community College


  • Ashlee Redfern, South Seattle Community College
  • Cynthia Martin, Skagit Valley College
  • Jean McKibben, North Seattle Community College
  • Jeri Lowry, Clark College
  • Kanoelani Nero, Bates Technical College
  • Mary McEnany, Lake Washington Technical College
  • Nicole Stewart, Olympic College
  • Sarah White, Art Institute of Seattle
  • Sharon Shackelford, Renton Technical College
  • Shayla Lorio, Edmonds Community College


  • Chie Okazaki, South Seattle Community College
  • Elizabeth Morgan, South Seattle Community College
  • Lisa Stockwell, North Seattle Community College
  • Sharon Wills, CIA-NY
  • Tia Leo, Culinary Studies


  • Arpoo Shah, South Seattle Community College
  • Leah Weathersby, South Seattle Community College


  • Jean Henderickson, South Seattle Community College
  • Jennifer McGann, South Seattle Community College
  • Linda Raymond, Culinary Studies
  • Randi Laqua, CIA-Napa


  • Amy Crosby, CIA-NY
  • Molly Larson, Clark Community College


  • Catherine Wilson, Lenotre
  • Maya Melka, CIA-Napa 



  • Cheryl Nakagawara, Seattle Central Community College


  • Molly Hosner, Seattle Central Community College


  • Kat Wisniewski, Lenotre


  • Melissa Flynn, Greek Culinary Studies




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