Scholarship Awards To Date

To date, we have disbursed more than $650,000 through our programs and projects.

To date we’ve awarded individual scholarships to over one hundred deserving women and established scholarship endowments at the following schools:


Award Recipient Vanessa Rojas'


Congratulations To Our recent Award Recipients


  • Candace Nagel, Seattle Culinary Academy - Culinary Arts
  • Heather Newton, Seattle Culinary Academy - Specialty Desserts and Breads
  • Shalyn Halloway, Seattle Culinary Academy - Culinary Arts


  • Elizabeth "Liz" Wachenfeld, Seattle Culinary Academy - Specialty Desserts & Breads
  • Siobhan Sloan-Evans, Seattle Culinary Academy - Culinary Arts
  • Abby Heath, South Seattle College - Pastry & Baking Arts
  • Maria Ziemet, South Seattle College - Northwest Wine Academy
  • Anitta Meijia, South Seattle College - Culinary Arts
  • Jessica Vickers, Renton Technical College - Culinary Arts

  • Lana Wang, South Seattle College
  • Aislinn McManigal, Seattle Culinary Academy
  • Larissa (Ell) Baumgartner, Seattle Culinary Academy
  • Marie Gonzales Prado, Seattle Culinary Academy
  • Taghreed Lbrahim, South Seattle Culinary Academy


  • Barbara Martin, South Seattle College
  • Jude Watson, Seattle Culinary Academy
  • Heather Noon, Seattle Culinary Academy
  • Camilla Guevara, Seattle Culinary Academy
  • Melinda Ford, Washington State University
  • Melinda Garza, Washington State University
  • Carina Ocampo, Washington State University


  • Maria Z. Ancira, Renton Technical College
  • Holly O'Neal, Renton Technical College
  • Makayla Ross, South Seattle College
  • Vanessa Rojas, South Seattle College
  • Camille Vancil, South Seattle College
  • Angela Ortez-Davis, Seattle Culinary Academy
  • Hanna Loli Cochran, Seattle Culinary Academy

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